Oppressed by Obesity! Weighed down with weight, not just on his knees and legs but also on his mind and confidence. A victim of culturally induced lifestyle, lack of knowledge and genetic makeup. Shaivil Shah now stands as a victorious man in the battle he fought against obesity along with an army of armoured surgeons, dietician and counsellors of K.D Hospital. In a time span of 4 months, he has managed to shed 30kgs, he was 125kgs before he underwent the Bariatric procedure. Yes! ‘Bariatric Procedure’, not Bariatric Surgery, that’s what Shaivil chooses to term it, the word surgery can be deceiving, his body wasn’t cut just pierced.

Prior to his transformation, Shaivil recalls his despair and depressed days. A stage in his life where he chose to keep quiet, even if he was filled with talks and opinions on the topic of conversation at hand. The time when he wanted to stand at the marketing and public relations desk but instead tricked himself to take care of the production. When he shunned social gatherings, adventure holidays and offered an excuse to avoid business trips. Not because, he had no zest for life or lacked any needed abilities, instead it was buried down and blanketed beneath the thick layer of fat that had deposited not just over his body’s vital organs but also above his lively life and wishes. He knew he had to remove that baggage of weight, and he tried not once but several times. From diet to rigorous exercise, to yoga to any advice that was offered to him from every passerby. It helped him, but only to a certain extent and that too only for a while, later it failed and the weight returned, bringing along feelings of guilt, failure and helplessness.

Shaivil may have failed in his attempts, but hope was still alive. Thus when he read about the medical’s discovery of Bariatric procedure, he immediately began to gather information and collect reviews from all the patients who had undergone it. Even after being convinced about the safety of the method, Shaivil still faced an inner dilemma. Doubts arising from the inner conscience that of choosing a shortcut and easier way to shed weight. But the day when he met Dr. Khaitan, further light was thrown on the Bariatric Procedure, sighting that it wasn’t an easier way, for even post-surgery he was required to exercise, follow a healthy diet and keep himself motivated throughout. The procedure is just a way of eliminating the path to indulge in overeating and unhealthy food. In other words, a way to temporarily shut the options that leads to the consequence. After this acknowledgment, Shaivil was an enlightened man. The very next day without any further procrastination he happily walked through the corridors of K.D Hospital and got himself operated. It’s been 4 months now, and every time he attends the counselling and awareness sessions, along with his spouse or family member, he appears more assured, healthier and above all happier and confident than he was. On being inquired whether he would advise this procedure to anyone? He instantly replies, “Sure! In fact, I do to everyone who is suffering from obesity and leading a miserable life weighed down by unnecessary weight that affects the organs leading to diseases like blood pressure, thyroid, and diabetes and also stopping them from living life to the fullest.”

Located in KD hospital, Ahmedabad, NObesity is well known for providing weight loss treatment, advanced patient care & pleasant hospital experience. NObesity has state of the art operation theater with latest equipment and highly qualified team led by Dr. Manish Khaitan, a prominent leader among bariatric & laparoscopic surgeons of India.

NObesity also leads one of the best patient support group programs in India. More than 100 after-surgery patients attend each support group meeting held on last Sunday of every month.

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NObesity is one of India's critically acclaimed Bariatric Surgery Center. We have performed 8000+ successful Bariatric Surgeries and have 40 National and International Awards to our credit. Nearly 650 obese patients choose us to undergo obesity treatment and overcome related health concerns and metabolic disorders every year. We have a state-of-the-art operation theater with advanced equipment to ensure highly effective treatment. Our team includes a bariatric surgeon, counselors, psychologists, dietitians, and endocrinologists.
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