Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Achieved 30 Surgeries in a Day

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Achieved 30 Surgeries in a Day

Any dream never comes true unless you get up and start working on it. Team “NOBESITY” at K D hospital Ahmedabad always try on awareness about obesity and related comorbidities like diabetes hypertension, cholesterol, infertility etc. So, it lines to create awareness about obesity team NOBESITY conducted a CSR activity, operating 30 bariatric patients within 24 hours.

A dream comes true when there is a collective effort towards achieving the goal. There is purpose all worked towards achieving the same right from convincing the patient, select the right candidate for surgery, operating without a single complication and discharge them, gives us assigns of immense satisfaction.

In any words I can’t undermine the contribution of my team members who made this dream comes true special thanks to Dr. Riddhish Gadani, Dr. Koshish Pokhrel, Dr.Vinay Khatri, Dr. Pinal Shah, Monu Sahu, Deepmala Dave , Shraddha Sheth, The dietitian team… Harsha Jaithlia, Shivangi Bhaskar, Nikita Lonker, Shikha kothari and our Phychologist Astha Shah, Pragna Desai.

Also, I am extremely grateful towards k d hospital and all the nursing staff who where equally responsible in great outcome of all patients. A special thanks to Dr. Adit Desai (MD of K D hospital) Dr Parth Desai (COO of K D hospital) who were always by our side for day in day out for anything and everything.

What I have learnt the word “WE” is always strong than word me. We can succeed any dream, me usually gets tired.

So, kudos for my team NOBESITY