Demystifying the Myths of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Demystifying the Myths of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery


With YouTubers, influencers, fitness freaks, gym enthusiasts, and the country’s top athletes pitching the importance and benefits of staying fit and in proper shape, people spend time, effort, and money transforming them into decent physiques. 

With technological advancements, several surgeries are being developed worldwide for gaining body mass by stimulating human growth hormones and obesity treatment. 

Coming to Ahmedabad, many obese individuals have themselves transformed into smart and attractive personalities by undergoing weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad. 

The changes reflect for a decade or more, depending on proper diet and exercise. However, some individuals plan to undergo bariatric weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad, but they hold themselves from it due to certain myths. 

Yes, that’s right. Despite its proven efficacy and tremendous results, it is not 100% opted for due to myths. In this blog, we will demystify those myths related to bariatric weight loss surgery to help you pursue it to attain the desired weight loss and physique.

Understanding the Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Let us first start by comprehending this prominent obesity surgery. Bariatric weight loss surgery involves a set of procedures developed to help obese individuals achieve significant and sustainable weight loss without adverse impacts on their health and lifestyle. 

This surgery fine-tunes the digestive system to restrict calorie intake and amend nutrient absorption, subsequently leading to weight loss. Though people face side effects, it can be fixed with a nutrient-rich diet plan from certified dietitians. 

Moreover, standard bariatric surgery types include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, mini gastric bypass, single port bariatric, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, balloon,  and Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch

Your obesity surgeon will suggest you the correct procedure according to your body mass index (BMI) and obesity-related health risks.

Note: Bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic procedure; it is a medical condition to treat obesity to enhance overall health and alleviate the risk of obesity-related intricacies, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and sleeping disorders. 

It aims to help you accomplish and maintain the intended, healthy weight for the well-being of your life.

Myths of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery 

In this section, we will burst the myths associated with bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad to clarify your choice of this treatment.

Myth 1: It is risky and unsafe

The foremost myth around this surgery is that it has a higher risk and complications and is totally unsafe. Like any surgery in the medical field, bariatric procedures involve specific risks, such as blood clots, infection, and bleeding. 

It can be eliminated and dealt with proper pre-operative instructions (medications and supplements). 

Moreover, by getting an obesity operation from a highly reputable and experienced obesity surgeon, you can ensure a low-risk treatment. 

For instance, NObesity has cutting-edge facilities deployed in-house, such as CT scans, MRI machines, USG, a well-equipped ICU, and a blood bank to deliver exceptional bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad.

Myth 2: It leads to Nutrient Deficiencies

Another myth related to this surgery is that it leads to nutritional deficiencies post-surgery. The reality is that getting this treatment from a credible and leading weight loss center and bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad will ensure you will get comprehensive pre-operative care and post-surgery support. 

For instance, NObesity offers six dietitians to ensure you receive the best guidance according to your dietary preferences, habits, and food cravings by suggesting vitamins and minerals-rich food and drinks to give you a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Myth 3: It is a shortcut to Weight Loss

The next myth related to this surgery is that it is a shortcut to weight loss. Many weight loss fitness centers in Ahmedabad offer exercises, diet plans, and weight loss supplements to get a lean physique. 

However, bariatric surgery is the most straightforward and lasting method for weight loss. You can attain 50 to 100% weight loss of the desired figure in mind by adhering to a diet regime provided by a dietitian, performing regular exercises or walking, and having routine medical check-ups. 

Note: The long-term success of the surgery will depend on how determined and disciplined you are.

Myth 4: It is the Last Resort

Another myth associated with this surgery is that it is a last resort for patients struggling with obesity. 

Let us tell you that there are numerous ways to achieve sustainable weight loss by performing physical exercises, such as walking, cardio, and running, and simultaneously following a strict diet regime to attain weight loss over months. 

Bariatric surgery is ideal for individuals constantly suffering from obesity and related health disorders and failing to accomplish weight loss through its alternatives.

Note: This surgery is necessary for proactive weight loss and a long-term solution to enhance the overall quality of life.

Myth 5: It is only for Excessive Obese Individuals

Many patients give up bariatric surgery as they think it is for only morbidly obese individuals with a BMI of 35-40 or higher. With technological advancements, people with a lower BMI than 35 can meet the eligibility criteria for bariatric surgery. 

For instance, a gastric sleeve procedure is ideal for patients with a lower BMI than 35 and willing to achieve significant and sustained weight loss rather than with bariatric alternatives.


After reading the blog, you will have understood bariatric surgery and the five standard myths associated with it. Moreover, you will have excellent clarity for considering this weight loss surgery to achieve safe, significant, and sustained weight loss to enhance the quality of life. 

Nonetheless, make sure to set realistic expectations in your mind about weight loss numbers and showcase commitment to new lifestyle changes for surgery and post-treatment. However, if you have any questions regarding this surgery or need clarification, feel free to contact us.

At NObesity, we have helped 7000+ individuals achieve their desired weight loss and make informed decisions about their health by giving them sound guidance and no false promises. 

We are illustrious for delivering realistic results and maintaining fair transparency with our patients. Also, we have an extensive team of weight loss surgeons, psychologists, endocrinologists, dietitians, and counselors to ensure you get complete pre-operative and post-surgery care for the success and effectiveness of obesity surgery in Ahmedabad

Contact us today at +91-8999949999, +91-9925558543, or for an appointment with our obesity surgeon.

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