30 Bariatric Surgeries Performed within 24 Hours: NOBESITY & KD Hospitals Create History Through the Excellent Awareness Initiative!

In an era that is challenging the human kind in every step, more like at every breathe they take, it is undoubtedly very important to look after every possible part of our lives that matters. Health being the foremost one on that list has to be taken care of. During the last two years, not just our country but the whole world has faced enough of diseases and sickness. While Covid-19 continues to affect the livelihoods of masses, there are other diseases that are being triggered by this deadly virus. Obesity is one of those difficult issues that affect health as well as human minds.

Reportedly, a huge number of covid positive patients admitted in various hospitals have been tested either obese or overweight. Even, according to various surveys, people including the younger generation, have unbalanced their fitness regime and began eating excessively during the lockdown period which resulted in bad health issues. In the last week, KD Hospital and NOBESITY joined hands to create history by performing thirty bariatric surgeries. Ahmedabad again became a witness to such a great event. The surgeries throughout the day as a part of the CSR activity.



The director of NOBESITY and the senior consultant of bariatric surgery at KD Hospital, Dr Manish Khaitan informed that the patients who underwent the surgeries had BMIs ranging from 40 to 70 while they were aged from 35 to 65 years. It was an awareness initiative taken by NOBESITY and KD Hospital so people start taking the issue more seriously. DR Khaitan also said that among the 72,491 Covid positive patients 50.2% were obese while 28.3% were overweight.

The patients who had undergone the bariatric surgeries this day have welcomed it wholeheartedly as they have already witnessed what covid-19 does to obese people. And obesity like any other disease is one that should be kept in check and cut down when necessary. Not just now, but this disease has been affecting people for years and most of the patients have let it grow by simply ignoring the fact that it can hamper their health in the long run. According to Dr Khaitan, obesity can trigger cardiac problems and hypertension. Even it can cause some cancers as well as stroke. Obesity is more of a lifestyle disorder that can be controlled simply by consulting with expert doctors.

Bariatric surgeries are nothing to be feared about as this is just the best solution to reduce excess weight. NOBESITY stands as the finest platform to aid each and every person who wish to keep their health in the right shape. Remember good health should be our priority. Bodyweight is nothing you should be bothered about until it affects your health in a negative way. And when it does get in touch with NOBESITY.

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30 Bariatric Surgeries Performed within 24 Hours: NOBESITY & KD Hospitals Create History
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