Completed my MBBS in 90’s and started with my MS in general surgery. I was a young medical student with a lot of enthusiasm, excited about doing my post-graduation. Always thought my days ahead trying, working hard, learning surgery, saving lives.

My first day, in the wards, it was an emergency day for us. I was assigned one patient with swelling in legs who was to be investigated and treatment was to be started as per advice and protocols. He was poor old man, usual with civil hospitals serving poor and downtrodden.

He can’t be saved and as a novice- I was not able to understand the exact cause but felt very sorry and bad for a life lost. I thought myself as a failure. Thereafter, the life progressed and I completed my training, learning, treating, helping anyone and everyone where I can help.

Today, really disturbed by the plight of our community. In this COVID era, my colleagues, friends are working day and night to save lives, sometimes successful, sometimes not. Again lives lost all over the world and still I feel a first-year trainee, not knowing how to treat the people suffering from the disease. I feel, if I can have a magic wand- let me cure-all. Nobody should die. Somewhere all-around my friends are developing this magic wand, the vaccine, working day and night to serve and help the humankind.

Always I thought and am sure of some superpower which makes us helpless sometimes, still, the war against the diseases are on, a new day again with a better hope of winning against all odds.