“I WAS fat”.

“I WAS fat”.

Now I say this in my introduction with pride. The Bariatric surgery on me 11 months back has successfully added this “WAS”. I was 127kgs then and now I am 74kgs. I feel on cloud nine. Who won’t after shedding 54kg? I have completely changed my dressing style. My cabinet was filled with sarees now it’s with jeans and frocks. Now my taste buds are happier and more mature. I have begun enjoying the panipuri from 15 to 3 units, every bite of sweet is a fulfilling dessert. Now I don’t walk around the house but I feel I fly around. I feel light like a feather. In short, this transcendence makes me feel healthier, more beautiful and most importantly more proud.

Just a year back, my life was filled with love and bounty. Being a homemaker, married in the twenties and soon with baby left me with no time for myself. I was busy making a home. Attending guests, laying tables filled with food, and indulging the Indian sweet tooth. I ate at longer intervals. I gorged onto sweets, delicacies and anything random. In other words, a completely imbalanced diet but a happy home. Blaming it on the heavyweight genes, it didn’t even bother me. I never stopped to even look at myself, forget about thinking or doing anything about it. Also, I never felt I was fat or not beautiful. I have sharp features, a good dressing sense and that compensated for my heaviness.

When and why did I decide to transform myself? Well, to be honest, I didn’t decide on Bariatric surgery. It was my husband, who brought me to the hospital under the pretext that he wanted me to just talk to doctors about health issues due to obesity. I accompanied him. On the way, he briefed me a bit on the subject. I was counselled by the team Nobesity for my overweight issues. I was explained nicely and got convinced that at this weight, Bariatric surgery can be a good option, after already explained all other options in the past. The post-surgery session made me look back to my life, about my unhealthy habits which was just affecting my weight which I had accepted as normal. Sometimes all it takes in someone who sheds light on you and brings you into awareness. My follow up on diet and on my emotional acceptance of change and has led me to transform myself in this new avatar. I feel very grateful towards my husband and the entire team for making me understand the surgery and its benefit.

Thank you!!

Dr Manish Khaitan and Team Nobesity