An inspiring story shared by one of the Bariatric Surgery Patients:

It’s a family gathering. You walk into the room. It’s the first time they are seeing you post-surgery. Their faces register surprise and then the lips curl into smiles. But, you can see the disdain lurking in those eyes. They whisper, yet the words reach your ears – “He’s had surgery to lose weight, you know…”.

But, why is that a bad thing?

According to them, If I had lost weight through exercise and dieting, its worthy of awe and respect. If I underwent surgery, its like cheating in an exam to get good grade.

But the reason I underwent Bariatric surgery was not to win someone’s approval. Its to treat the disease of Obesity I was suffering, with the most scientific treatment option available today. To live a happier, healthier and longer life. To be a better Dad, Husband and a Friend.

In recent times, Bariatric surgery has been the most significant development in the medical world. Considering, the rise in obesity and in effect the complications caused by its co morbidity, the developments in weight-loss surgery should be celebrated every day.

However, an obesity patient who was stigmatized by society due to excess weight may be subject to a new stigma after Bariatric Surgery- of losing weight by “easy way out”- by those around him who by themselves are deeply ignorant.
It is not uncommon to feel weighed down by these things when opting for surgery.

But stay focused on facts about Obesity, Bariatric surgery and your Personal Goal:

Firstly, more than 95% of obese people gain back all the lost weight by diet and exercise within 6 months. Its called yo-yo effect. Obesity is not a result of patient’s fault or lazy nature. Its due to complex interactions between hormones, brain signals and gut microbes that interfere with normal metabolism and induce weight gain. If obesity is due to patient’s fault, so is cancer, fever and so many other diseases.

Secondly, Bariatric surgery is the most scientific treatment available for morbid obesity with several hundreds of scientific studies published in its favor after tracking patients for as long as 10-15 years after surgery. No other treatment modality helps achieve such long term success of sustained weight loss. So choosing Bariatric surgery is a wise decision.

Thirdly your goal from Bariatric surgery needs to be clear. Its to get rid of or to prevent co morbidity such as diabetes ruling your life; to live a healthy life devoid of medications and frequent visits to hospitals to control lifestyle diseases; and to live 10-15 years longer according to many studies who prove that the surgery prevents or reverses most causes of premature death.

Don’t let those who don’t know any better bog you down. Make the decision that is best for you. If your body is getting in the way of you leading a healthy and fulfilling life, then don’t let the ‘what will people say’ question be an obstacle to your victory over obesity.

Bariatric surgery is not like cheating on a test. It’s like cheating on an untimely death, crippling disabilities, an imprisoned life. And proudly breaking free, forever!