Overeating is as addictive as smoking or alcoholism. A difficult psychological habit to break.

New-found weight loss success after Bariatric Surgery may tempt patients to slowly indulge in overeating, making them believe that a small extra portion of kulfi or kheer is not going to matter. But it matters in the long run.

Patients have an important role to play in improving their food habits after surgery and retain their initial success for life-time.

So these are the 6 golden tips when followed daily, will help you avoid weight regain even after decades of surgery.

  1. Take small bites – when your stomach space has been surgically reduced to restrict overeating, a few bites of healthy portion will fill you up. So take small bites.
  2. Eat slowly – take time to chew and enjoy food. This is something that every person on this planet must follow! Not just bariatric surgery patients.
  3. Don’t drink while you are eating – it’s best not to drink anything with meals. Drink a glass of water before an hour of your meal and another glass after an hour.
  4. Use a small plate – that holds less food. Its a great way to avoid subconscious overeating habit from taking over without your sensing it.
  5. In restaurants, order small portions or from kids’ menu– the less food you order, the less food you’re likely to eat.
  6. Stop when you feel full– even if you have only one bite left, don’t eat it because your body is not a waste bin. Its a temple that you need to take care of. So respect signals from the stomach and not succumb to the childhood lesson of “clean your plate” advise from elders.

At Nobesity we have treated thousands of patients with Bariatric Surgery and we facilitate India’s biggest active post-surgery support group. A large percentage of our patients successfully maintain weight-loss even after years of surgery following a healthy lifestyle. Also our free-of-cost life-time follow up program is open for all our patients and those operated by other surgeons.

For more details about post bariatric surgery diet, please call +91-89999 49999 and set up an appointment with our dietitian or attend one of our support group meeting.