How you can make your interesting food menu after Bariatric surgery??

How you can make your interesting food menu after Bariatric surgery??

Everyone seeks for a change in life, the same old question pops up… What to cook for a day? You will definitely choose unhealthy over healthy due to routine menu to eat the same thing every day and invite Obesity. Don’t worry you are not alone. Eating the same routine food
keeps us off tracks & force us to binge eat. Let’s not lose focus because Mealtime should be exciting to look forward too. Let’s make our meals interesting.

Here it is…
7 days 7 ways!

  • Make a rainbow plate
    Make a list of colors you have in your fridge and distribute it throughout the week. We have known each color of food for its functional properties protecting us against various diseases like cancer and fights against diseases by boosting our Immunity. (You can
    select both colorful vegetables and fruits.)
  • Play with the herbs, season them.
    Be your own version of food Picasso in your kitchen. For example. You like Italian food.Mix herbs with your salads. You can do a lot more… it’s beyond your imagination. Give your brain a little exercise and surprise your family. (You can add any flavor or any masala to your food.)
  • Stick menu on the fridge and prepare grocery list for the week
    With the help of the pre-planned menu, you can make delicious new food in a short time and you will not end up in your routine food.
  • Make your garden bloom
    People say there’s nothing greater thing than watching your children grow, but indeed there is and it’s your garden. It’s fun to teach children to grow the veggies and eat them. Kids will always be excited to eat what they grow. And you won’t have to nag them to eat veggies anymore. Here comes your organic farm your doorstep!!!
  • Grill and bake
    You can marinate & grill everything you eat. It is like pickling, but with herbs with the flavors you like. And it doesn’t include oily curries and frying. Also gives you a burst of flavors on your tongue. Yummy… Items like veggies, beans, pineapple, paneer, tofu, mushrooms, etc.
  • Change is good
    You’ve heard of detoxing your body but don’t know how to do it. why not try veganism or plant-based proteins? Easy …you can DIY milk Alternatives for protein sources. Like soy milk, peanut milk, rice milk, almond milk. Roasted mix seeds, humus made of chickpeas, sattu drink. It provides you with a variety of food selections so how can you be bored with all these options!
  • Take a different route
    Do you always feel the fast food stalls always call you, they lure you into eating those oily Bhajiyas, Dabelis, and what not? No no, not making you feel guilty about it.

A change in your route will remove your temptations. Plus, you’ll be saving a lot more money and not buying other health hazards in this pandemic.

Be the owner of your daily routine. Take charge of your choices which ultimately gives you the power to reach your health goals! And support your weight loss journey.

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