While smoking has been considered one of the leading causes of all healthcare ailment statistics, obesity has now come up to be an epidemic that is spreading much faster than smoking and has already outnumbered it.

Data from different countries has shown that rate of obesity is soaring high like anything and the number of people who are obese is almost double that of smokers. One of the reason is that though children constitute the smoke-free generation, childhood obesity is record high. Also, while smoking has been reduced over the years due to advertisements and environment bans in certain places, no diet restrictions have been imposed on people to lose weight.

It has been said that smoking is a perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying as it has been implicated in cancers. However, double cases of cancers have been reported in people who don’t know how to lose weight!

It is high time that everyone understands that to “win the battle against the Obesity” awareness of the harmful effects of obesity is very important so that proper guidance for weight loss can be sought for.

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery has emerged as a science for those patients who want to lose weight.

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