Many women of child bearing age undergo Bariatric Surgery at Nobesity to be able to get pregnant and have motherhood free of complications.

Infertility and Obesity are very closely linked.

And secondly, pregnancy in obese women is much riskier than normal-weight conception.

A study by University of Edinburgh published in British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that

Chest Infections were almost 10 times more likely in obese pregnancy vs normal weight pregnancy
Headaches and Heartburn – More than 2 times more likely
Depression – Significantly more likely
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (numbness, tingling or weakness in hands) – More than 3 times more likely
Symphysis-Pubis Dysfunction (condition that affects the pelvic joints) – More than 3 times higher risk

Studies also report increased risk of major complications due to Obese Pregnancy such as: Gestational diabetes, Emergency caesarian section, Postpartum hemorrhage, Genital tract infection, Urinary tract infection, Wound infection, Birth-weight above the 90th percentile, Intrauterine death etc.

In addition, babies with spinal cord defects (spina bifida), heart defects, anorectal atresia (misplaced or absent anal opening), hypospadias (urinary opening not at usual place), limb reduction defects, diaphragmatic hernia and omphalocele (intestines and other internal organs remain outside of abdomen in a sac) are significantly more likely to have obese moms.

As the children of an obese mother age, research suggests that the child may also have a higher chance of developing an attention deficit disorder.

However, there is a solution. The most scientifically proven one.

Bariatric Surgery can minimize or totally avoid these numerous risks and help women to have a healthy pregnancy, child and motherhood besides long-term excess weight-loss.

A review of 75 studies conducted by University of California in Los Angeles US clearly supports our clinical experience at Nobesity Center that Women who had Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery minimized pregnancy related complications. In fact many who had lost hope of bearing a child could do so.

But we advise patients to wait for 1-2 years of rapid weight-loss after Bariatric Surgery before getting pregnant. This would allow body to stabilize and offer the best support for baby being conceived.

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