Is Drinking Alcohol Safe Post – Bariatric Surgery?

Is Drinking Alcohol Safe Post – Bariatric Surgery?

This is a very commonly asked question. And most of the patients are bound to ask if they can drink alcohol after they go through bariatric surgery. Some even take aid from the internet and try to know if it will be safe to drink. Here, we will discuss the matter in depth. There have been many types of researches regarding the topic and the numerous studies can completely confuse you.

Well, we have the proper answer to your query and it is totally not possible to answer it in one word. Because while ‘yes’ may be a word used in the answering sentence, ‘moderate’ is another equally important one.

So, what can alcohol lovers do!

After bariatric surgery, a patient is must follow a few sets of rules and regulations so they can craft a health regime that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle and future. Therefore, count these points regarding alcohol consumptions into that too –

  • Try to avoid alcohol for at least six months after going through bariatric surgery.
  • Keep in mind that even a very little amount of alcohol can cause hypoglycemia and intoxication.
  • Avoid drinking and driving even if you have consumed minimal alcohol.
  • After getting permitted by the doctor, avoid carbonated beverages and drink mixtures that contain too much sugar.
  • Drink only while eating a meal or something heavy. It will slow the alcohol absorption.
  • Try to stay away from high-calorie alcohol beverages.
  • If you find yourself needing alcohol to balance your day-to-day life, we suggest you go for a consultation with your doctor as soon as possible.

What to drink then?

Regular alcohol consumption is never an answer for anyone even if you are a 100% healthy person. And while you are struggling to lose weight and have even gone through bariatric surgery, it is highly recommended to lessen drinking as much as possible. However, if you have to go for it, here are a few suggestions –

Firstly, remember your limit. Also, remember after the surgery your body will react to even a very small amount of alcohol. You must keep the fact in mind and touch the drink.

Secondly, plan beforehand. Never consume alcohol on empty stomach. In addition, try to carry high-protein snacks with you to prevent your body from getting intoxicated easily. Even if you plan on having one drink, you must follow the advice.

And, go for smart drink choices. Wonder what exactly are smart drinks! We have a list:

  • Wine – A five-ounce glass of wine contains less than 150 calories along with antioxidant benefits. Thus, it is kind of safe.
  • Less-Sugary freshly made cocktails – mixes with more veggies and less sugar are suggested.
  • Light beer – As light beer is low in calories it can be drunk. But, check its carbonation before consumption.
  • Drinks – Drinks with plenty of ice that is garnished with mint, lime, or fresh berries can be consumed but of course within the limit.

Reasons you should avoid too much alcohol after bariatric surgery- 

  • After the major surgery, your body stands at a vulnerable point and it is made to follow a regulated diet for some time. In this state, if a person indulges in severe drinking it will be very easy for the blood alcohol level to hike up. Moreover, it takes a longer time to go back to the normal level. And that time can sometimes be enough to cause intoxication. Thus, altered metabolism is something to think about if a person is planning on drinking his/her heart out!
  • Sudden weight loss after the surgery creates a reduced sugar level in the human body. Alcohol consumption can deplete it further and cause blood sugar levels to drop rapidly turning the person into hypoglycaemic. And hypoglycemia can lead to serious conditions such as brain damage, nerve damage, losing consciousness, or even death. The symptoms of the sickness are slurred speech, losing balance, poor vision, and a mental dilemma about quite everything.
  • Too much alcohol consumption after bariatric surgery can cause weight gain making the whole surgery fruitless as alcohol contains high calorie and low nutrients.
  • Bariatric patients who might have a history of addiction may form alcohol addiction if gets too much indulged into drinking post-surgery. Reportedly, bariatric patients have been recorded trading their addiction for over-eating into an addiction to drugs, gambling, sex, alcohol, and even shopping.

Summing up, we will suggest you consult your doctor before heading to consume any kind of drink. It depends highly on the patient and the person’s body. Not everyone is able to handle alcohol after facing bariatric surgery. Additionally, alcohol can be the sole cause of turning the surgery null and void if you start gaining weight because of it! So, think rationally before planning and choose your health over mood anytime and every time.