Do You Need to Wait to have Sex Again After Weight loss Surgery?

Do You Need to Wait to have Sex Again After Weight loss Surgery?

If you have recently gone through Bariatric surgery, the chances are that you wonder about something more than your diet. It is about if you need to wait before having sex or not. And if the answer is yes, then for how long? What if there are some underlying threats of having sex after weight loss surgery? Will you ever be able to enjoy sex as much as you did before the surgery?

If you stumble upon any of the questions mentioned above, you have found the correct place to get all your doubts cleared away. So let us shed some light before providing facts – Your sex life will bloom like never before! Most patients swear by having more pleasure in bed after their weight loss surgery!

But we are sure that you want much more information than this. After all, it is one of the most fundamental aspects of your entire life. So we have combined all the necessary information you need to know about what your sex life would be after surgery. So do you need to wait to have sex again after weight loss surgery? Let’s find out.

How Your Weight Can Impact Your Libido?

First of all, comes the body image issues you might be facing if you are overweight. People with body image issues often have nothing to do with bariatric surgery. The invisible yet enormous societal pressure and various mental and physical conditions contribute to that.

But if you are someone who must go through weight loss surgery by certified doctors, you are very much likely to have low self-esteem and body image issues because of your weight. In that case, maintaining good sexual health becomes tougher. So a successful weight loss surgery will enhance your sex life as you will begin to feel the utmost confidence in your body, in your skin.

However, scientifically overweight people face a low sexual desire and cannot perform in the bedroom as great as people with a good weight. It happens due to the excessive fat cells that restrict the adequate blood flow to the sexual organs. Additionally, various studies show that obesity plays a significant role in causing erectile dysfunction. So evidently, your weight and libido have an entirely co-dependent relationship.

When Can You Have Sex After Weightloss Surgery?

Let’s be honest; there is no straightforward answer to this, as when you can have sex again solely depends on your recovery time. The period of having sex again after a weight loss surgery can be anything between one week to a month. Everybody works differently and has different time frames of becoming healed. Hence, you should strictly follow your surgeon’s directions in this case. Much like your diet, your bariatric surgeon will also inform you about the right time of engaging in sexual intercourse. That is the recovery time you need to get your body healed adequately after the surgery.

In most cases, doctors recommend patients have less intense sex even if they can do it soon after. It must not cause you any discomfort. So say goodbye to having sex in unusual places and painful positions for that time. Remember, you need to allow your body the time it needs to recover after your surgery fully.

Essential Measures for Having Great Sex After Surgery 

Can’t wait to show your performance in the bedroom? You need to consider some crucial factors to ensure the most pleasurable sex life after surgery.

  •  Restrain from planning an Immediate Pregnancy

Bariatric surgery has been very successful in improving fertility in several cases. So if you have faced complications with getting pregnant, you might have a high chance of conceiving now. But this type of impact is not guaranteed. Most bariatric surgeons recommend women wait for one to one and half years  to become pregnant after surgery. So it would be best if you welcomed significant changes in your birth control plans after consulting with your doctor.

  •  Don’t Neglect Health Conditions You Previously Had 

Health conditions like PCOS may improve extremely well after weight loss surgery. However, if you have been suffering from it, you need to be more conscious about it after your surgery. On the flip side, as the levels of hormones in your body change drastically after the surgery, you might feel some unusual changes in your body. That’s why it is always better to consult thoroughly with your surgeon about literally everything.

  •  Slow and Steady Gets to have more Fun. 

As weight loss surgery boosts your stamina and sexual urge, your entire performance in the bed gets enhanced. However, you must remember that your body and mind need time to align with your new level of excitement. There could have been various psychological factors that need ultimate care and treatment. As your body recovers, your mind also opens up to slowly welcome the thrill of sex. So don’t rush into things, have your mind cleared up well for experiencing most of the pleasure.

Final Words –

Weight loss surgery opens the door to new excitement which you have never experienced before. So be ready to accept all the positive changes with an open heart. And as long as your sex life is concerned, keep building up your anticipation as we assure you that you will soon become able to enjoy sex to the fullest, with its maximum potential.

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