Countless options are available in the modern-day era for attaining weight loss for obese patients. It includes working out in the gym, cycling and walking outdoors, supplements, ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines, weight loss surgery, and more. 

The latter option is highly preferred as it helps achieve significant weight loss and provides a long-term solution. However, several myths are associated with fat loss surgery when it comes to pregnancy, refraining females from undergoing bariatric weight loss surgery as they feel it will adversely affect baby delivery. 

In reality, it is completely opposite, and you will explore it in this blog. We will debunk misconceptions surrounding weight loss treatment and perceiving complications by sharing authentic information to help you make the right decision.

What is a Weight Loss Surgery?

Let us first quickly walk you through what weight loss surgery is. It is a specialized procedure designed to help obese individuals attain substantial weight loss. It involves modifying the digestive system to limit nutrient absorption and calorie intake. 

It is also called bariatric surgery and gives long-term solutions for a decade or more, depending on your lifestyle. Moreover, it aids in boosting your self-esteem, respect in your social circle, and living a healthy, prosperous life. 

It is a sustainable path offering multiple viable options for those struggling with obesity to gain control over their life with safe surgery and faster recovery.

What are the Pros of Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery offers phenomenal benefits to patients compared to its alternatives. Some of them are long-term solutions, enhanced life quality, a shift towards healthy dietary preferences, confident posture, lower mortality risk, and relief from obesity-related health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and joint pain. 

Moreover, you will experience better mental health, increased life expectancy, and will have control of your health.

Why is Weight Loss Surgery Best for Obese Females?

Weight loss surgery is a game-changer for obese females as it not only addresses obesity-associated health concerns but also enhances their fertility and reduces complications risk during pregnancy. 

There are no side effects on pregnancy. Instead, it will positively impact reproductive health. Moreover, it is recommended for females to plan pregnancy after one year of surgery for optimal post-operative care and recovery, which contributes to giving birth to healthy babies. 

For instance, getting an obesity operation performed by a highly illustrious and trustworthy center like NObesity empowers you to take control over your health and successfully conceive healthy babies. 

Around 30 females who have undergone bariatric surgery at NObesity have successfully navigated the pregnancy period.

Furthermore, obese females who are not able to conceive normal pregnancy will definitely experience normal delivery post-surgery. 

Nonetheless, obese women with Polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) have to consume medications and pills for normal delivery. Bariatric surgery resolves PCOD by 72-80%, ensuring successful delivery. 

Hence, surgeons recommend pursuing weight loss surgery for females to overcome obesity and PCOD, which helps during pregnancy. 

Weight Loss Surgery Myths for Pregnancy Complications

Despite proven benefits, obesity treatment has several myths surrounding it. There are many views from people planning weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad, especially from women, regarding whether there is any permanent complication after surgery that may give them trouble during pregnancy in the future. 

If you look at this from the other side, your perspective will change. When you undergo weight loss surgery, you experience significant weight reduction in pounds, which is indeed helpful during pregnancy as you won’t be facing obesity-related health issues, nor will it have any health complications for your baby. 

One prevalent misconception is that this surgery drastically affects fertility and decreases the chances of a healthy pregnancy. In reality, surgery helps improve fertility, and whether you shred pounds through treatment or other options, it will help you in pregnancy.

Another myth is that fat loss surgery leads to nutrient deficiencies in females, affecting their physical health and baby development during the pregnancy period. In reality, you can overcome this fear with proper post-operative care. 

For instance, at NObesity, you have a team of dietitians at your support for optimal recovery. You will get a complete nutrient-rich plan consisting of multivitamins, iron, and calcium, which are paramount for a healthy and successful delivery. 

It is recommended to get your blood test done to ensure you don’t experience nutritional deficiencies post-surgery.

Note: Do inform your gynaecologist about your weight loss surgery and surgeon and dietitian about pregnancy so they can fine-tune your dietary plan accordingly, ensuring you are consuming the right portion of nutrients for a successful and normal delivery.


After reading the blog, we hope your myths have been answered, and you will have obtained excellent clarity on weight loss surgery. We hope we have empowered you to make the right decision with accurate information and severed a helping hand. 

Remember, pregnancy is not contraindicated after bariatric surgery and should be kept after one year. It is vital to understand surgery realities to clear all the doubts you have and ensure outstanding clarification on the myths. 

Most importantly, preparation is the key. We suggest consulting weight loss centers and going for regular check-ups to determine the ideal surgery option and determine any deficiencies.

Moreover, engage in regular physical activity post-operation to manage gained weight during pregnancy and seek emotional support as offered by NObesity through professional counseling. 

Furthermore, connect with women who have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery and successfully conceived babies post-operation. Nonetheless, females can consume nutritious food like other ladies who undergo pregnancy after treatment. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Also, if you plan to undergo obesity treatment in Ahmedabad, look for centers and providers with higher success rates, demonstrating their experience in delivering successful outcomes. 

For instance, at NObesity, we are renowned for delivering transparent results to ensure our patients don’t face severe complications and can live prosperous lives. 

As mentioned above, around 30 ladies who have undergone an obesity operation in Ahmedabad from us have successfully conceived healthy babies.

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Myths About Weight Loss Surgery for Pregnancy Complications
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