Reasons For Considering NObesity For Bariatric Surgery In Ahmedabad

Reasons For Considering NObesity For Bariatric Surgery In Ahmedabad


In the modern-day era, youth and adults’ lifestyles have been drastically affected due to irregular sleeping habits, excessive workload, stress, anxiety, and not consuming meals on time. 

All this has increased obesity numbers, and you will surprised to know that nearly 10 individuals out of 30 are suffering from overweight and health-associated concerns. These numbers will proliferate if not addressed immediately, leading to unexpected medical expenses.

Safest Cure For Weight Loss

Several options are available to get overweight under control and live a healthy and fitter life. One of the most effective ways is bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad. However, countless myths are associated with weight loss surgery and stopping obese individuals from undergoing it. 

Over the years, people’s mentality has changed, and their perception towards surgery has become positive as it is safe and effective and results in significant weight loss in a shorter duration. The best part is that you will live a healthy life for decades with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Which Weight Loss Center Is Best In Ahmedabad?

You will find several centers offering weight loss treatment and surgeries in Ahmedabad. However, NObesity tops the list as the most experienced and professional weight loss clinic in Ahmedabad. 

With over 400 patients getting surgery every year and 7000+ surgeries to date, we are your go-to center for bariatric weight loss surgery. 

You will be glad that we provide comprehensive support to all our patients, from the initial consultation to helping select the best surgery type to psychological and dietician support to getting an operation from the top surgeons to post-operative three days of care at our weight loss center in Ahmedabad.

Nonetheless, we provide lifelong support in the form of psychological counselling and meal consultations with our dietician to ensure your mental and physical health is in prime condition.

Why Choose NObesity For Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

When an individual planning to undergo bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad contacts us for a consultation, they get premier-quality consultation from our highly professional and qualified counsellors. 

They give thorough details of the surgery, explain the surgery types, their pros and cons, the role of the doctor (surgeon), dietician and multivitamins post-surgery, the role of psychologists through the journey, and the role of patients. 

We assess your requirements and help you set realistic goals that can be achieved through surgery. Based on your needs, we suggest the best treatment options and the approximate weight loss number that can be attained to ensure transparency. We don’t make false promises or raise hopes through fake expectations. 

Since 2016, our team has grown, and we have highly qualified, talented, and proficient individuals, from surgeons to dieticians, nutritionists, counsellors, and psychologists. 

Gradually, we realized that bariatric surgery isn’t only limited to weight loss, counselling, a balanced diet post-operation, and excellent follow-up. 

Psychologists play a predominant role and have the responsibility to help patients smoothly adapt to new life psychological changes and make them mentally strong. 

Being a part of an Indian family, we are used to small quarrels, daily arguments, and family concerns that hinder our psychological health and distract us from following a strict diet routine and regular exercise. 

It is where the need for counsellors arises. We have professional ones at NObesity giving you the best operative care to ensure you eat meals on time and work out regularly. 

For instance, if you are exercising daily post-surgery but put a halt to it as you don’t feel like working out anymore. There is one psychological factor stopping you from exercising. It is where counsellors come into the limelight to provide solutions and ensure you are psychologically fit.

Moreover, psychologists stay connected throughout the journey by conducting psychological assessments pre-surgery to help patients overcome fears and instil trust and confidence. 

Post-surgery, they help psychologically adapt to new lifestyle changes and dietary habits. Our all-rounder, Mr. Monu Shah, is competent in multi-tasking activities (diet, operation, and other aspects). 

He ensures a smooth and comfortable journey for patients from admission to discharge. He has turned NObesity into an extraordinary weight loss clinic in Ahmedabad from an ordinary one. 

The customer care support lady is professional and friendly. She handles every inquiry exceptionally, be it a minor or major one. NObesity has a consolidated team of 4 surgeons, five dieticians, one counsellor, two psychologists, one master of all (jack of all trades), and one customer care support.

Apart from this core team, you have the best nursing staff, supportive doctors, operation theatre professionals, and a management team. All of them are passionate, enthusiastic, and committed to the well-being of all patients. 

You will be surprised to know that we politely and professionally answer all our current and new patients’ queries, even at 2 or 3 a.m. We provide prompt and effective solutions regardless of the time. 


After reading the blog, you will be familiar with the safest, most effective, and ideal weight loss option—bariatric surgery. You will also have understood the reasons for choosing NObesity as your weight loss clinic in Ahmedabad. 

We offer a holistic approach to weight management, and our highly qualified and experienced surgery team are illustrious for delivering top-notch surgical experience and post-operative care at NObesity. 

We aim to transform lives and give our patients lifetime free follow-up. You will get surgery at our state-of-the-art infrastructure with modern amenities, the latest OT equipment, well-trained staff, well-appointed rooms, elegant interiors and support facilities to provide an exceptional experience from admission to discharge and beyond. 

Moreover, you can join our support groups where the best bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad, Dr. Manish Khaitan, along with past patients and the NObesity team, motivates, inspires, and clarifies patients’ doubts. 

Our monthly support group meetings held every last Sunday of the month are free of charge and may be availed life long by our patients.

Contact us today at +91-8999949999, +91-9925558543, or for the initial consultation and to resolve your queries.

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