In the urban and fast-paced landscape of Ahmedabad, you will find street food places in almost every neighborhood, whether in the old city or posh areas. The craving and heavy reliance on sweets, bakery items, chocolates, cheese items, and deep-fried foods have drastically impacted the overall health and quality of life of almost every age group. 

To add to this is stress, anxiety, work, study, family, and financial pressure, sleep deprivation, excessive use of smartphones, and staying in front of digital screens. All this contributes to obesity, severe health conditions, reduced life expectancy, feeling low on energy, and pain in muscles and joints. 

You will find one individual in Ahmedabad out of three suffering from overweight and obesity. No doubt effective methods are available to get weight in control, such as homeopathy, regular workout, supplements, and weight loss surgeries. 

Some individuals aren’t getting the desired outcomes even after implementing some of the mentioned options. The reason behind this is – not acquiring control over your psychological desires and craving for food that is unhealthy for your lifestyle and health. 

If you are also not getting the results and wish to achieve a significant loss with a long-term solution, this blog is for you. We will walk you through the role of psychologists in one of the best weight loss methods – bariatric surgery. 

When it comes to consulting a psychologist in general or for bariatric weight loss surgery, individuals fear and hesitate due to the orthodox mentality of our Indian society. 

Buckle up as we shed light on the critical yet understated – contribution of psychologists in navigating the bariatric surgery journey to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared for the transformation.

What Is Bariatric Surgery?

Let us first quickly brief you about this powerful weight loss option. Bariatric weight loss surgery is a highly effective obesity treatment designed for individuals suffering from being overweight and having a BMI of 30 and above. 

It is often seen as a last resort and life-changing decision for obese individuals after trying several weight loss alternatives and failing to achieve the desired weight loss. 

It is a cost-effective solution to achieve significant weight loss in a shorter span and reduced weight stays for a decade or more with appropriate diet, exercise, and lifestyle preferences. 

Moreover, this surgery involves restricting calorie intake and nutrient absorption through surgical interventions. Also, individuals can opt for various bariatric surgery options available in Ahmedabad to meet their specific needs and address health conditions. 

Nonetheless, patients undergoing obesity treatment in Ahmedabad enjoy relief from obesity-associated health issues, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, sleep apnea, and heart disease. 

Psychological Challenges Faced By Patients In Bariatric Surgery Journey

The path to a successful bariatric surgery is filled with psychological challenges. Before surgery, patients deal with societal and peer pressures, self-esteem issues, and negative mindsets associated with obesity treatment. 

Hence, the decision to undergo this transformative journey in itself is a mental battle for patients, surrounded with fear, anxiety, and a bucket full of uneasiness and emotions concerning future changes.

Post-surgery, the challenges evolve as the physical transformation is filled with psychological changes to navigate the complexities of new dietary restrictions, clothing, social appearance, and many lifestyle changes. 

These challenges worsen to feelings of isolation, depression, and regrets if not dealt with. Moreover, the rapid weight loss in massive numbers can also trigger a psychological event known as “body image dysmorphia,” in which patients mentally struggle to accept their new physical appearance, leading to emotional discomfort.

Nonetheless, without seeking psychological support, patients are at risk of developing eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and lower self-esteem. Hence, it is crucial to emphasize the necessity for psychological flexibility and adaptability throughout the weight loss journey. 

Understanding The Role Of Psychologists In Bariatric Surgery

The obesity-related health concerns create a psychological impact in the back of your mind (subconscious mind), which adversely impacts your daily life. It is paramount to address the psychological changes and thought processes you will be going through before and after bariatric surgery. It needs to be paid the same utmost attention, like consulting a homeopathic, nutritionist, and dietician.

Psychologists play a predominant role in helping you smoothly adapt to the new lifestyle in terms of eating habits, clothing, walking, and overall appearance. It helps you understand the psychological factors affecting the weight loss journey and post-operative care. Also, you get to know the psychological aspects involved in weight gain. 

Moreover, due to stress, anxiety, work pressure, and sleep deprivation nowadays, we tend to eat more than our daily calorie intake, primarily fast food, which is fried, oily, and junk. 

This chain needs to be broken to enjoy sustained weight loss and live a healthy lifestyle post-surgery. Psychologists play a crucial role in helping you adapt to the new, healthier lifestyle free from psychological cravings for unhealthy food, negative emotions, and feelings. 

Pre-surgery psychologists perform thorough assessments to evaluate your mental preparation for the surgery. It helps identify any psychological barriers hindering the surgery’s success. 

They provide counseling to eliminate fears, instill motivation and confidence, and mentally prepare you for the anticipated changes, ensuring you have a realistic understanding of the surgery’s outcomes and associated challenges.

Post-surgery psychologists offer support to deal with the emotional rollercoaster to help you navigate identity issues and adapt to mindful eating habits, changes in social life, and other post-surgery lifestyles and thought processes. 

Nonetheless, psychologist employs Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help patients overcome unhealthy and excessive eating behaviors and formulate strategies to deal with them.


After reading the blog, you will be familiar with the psychological challenges faced during the surgery and have understood the psychologist’s role in the surgery’s success. 

Remember, a psychologist’s role extends beyond pre-operative evaluations by preparing you mentally for new lifestyle changes and helping set realistic expectations. 

Moreover, psychologists will help you address body image issues and adapt to self-perception of new physical changes. It is vital in preventing depression, anxiety, and societal disorders post-obesity operation. 

Your mental health is cared like your physical health. Many weight loss centers offer psychologist support along with the bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad for long-term surgery success.

At NObesity, Dr. Manish Khaitan has indulged psychologists in the weight loss journey for the last five years. Because of this, we have seen a massive shift in the outcomes. 

Psychologists’ involvement in bariatric surgery has allowed patients to open up more about their preferences, which changes the type of treatment because of their comfort zone. 

Also, no two patients have the same psychological preferences. Hence, understanding each individual’s needs, requirements, preferences, and comfort zone helps us tailor the weight loss treatment to serve the best outcomes for the patients. 

It positively impacts the post-operative care journey to help patients adapt seamlessly to new lifestyle changes and enhance their overall quality of life. 

Nonetheless, our psychologists work closely with the surgery team to provide a holistic approach to patient care and ensure your psychological aspects of obesity operation are addressed comprehensively.

At NObesity, Dr. Manish Khaitan organizes group therapy sessions led by psychologists by inviting our past patients to share their surgery experiences, challenges, and victories. 

These sessions provide massive emotional support and build a community of individuals who recognize the significance of psychologists in transforming lives and simplifying the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, physically and mentally. 

We hope this blog provided you clarity on why the involvement of psychologists is paramount to mental health, which is a decisive aspect of surgery success. Also, if you are planning an obesity operation in Ahmedabad or have doubts about the surgery, contact us at +91-8999949999, +91-9925558543, or

The team of the best bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad, Dr. Manish Khaitan, is available to provide the proper psychological support and give you the prosperous and healthy life that you deserve.

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The Role Of Psychologists In Bariatric Surgery – Insights From Dr. Khaitan At NObesity
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