Explore Pre and Post-Bariatric Surgery Care with the Best Bariatric Surgeon

Explore Pre and Post-Bariatric Surgery Care with the Best Bariatric Surgeon


Individuals are becoming concerned about their health to make themselves fit and in the best physical condition; they are adopting several supplements, surgeries, and homeopathic treatments to attain the desired physical shape. 

However, not all methods deliver the intended results. If you are obese and want to shed weight to live a healthier lifestyle, numerous surgeries are offered across Ahmedabad and Gujarat. 

Of all obesity treatments, bariatric surgery has evolved as a highly preferred and efficacious method for patients. With this surgery, embarking on the weight loss journey in Ahmedabad requires meticulous planning and comprehensive care. 

Healthcare professionals, including obesity surgeons, dietitians, psychologists, endocrinologists, and counselors, play a critical role in surgical procedures and obesity operations. They ensure seamless pre and post-bariatric surgery care for weight loss patients. 

In this blog, we will share crucial insights into the importance of teamwork roles and guidance of dietitians, psychologists, and counselors in pre and post-bariatric surgery care.

How do Counselors assist in Pre and Post-Bariatric Surgery Care?

Let us first walk you through how counselors assist you in your weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad. 

Counselors stay connected with you right from the first stage to create a friendly environment and comfort zone to motivate you to speak up to understand your weight loss expectations and address your concerns. 

In pre-surgery counseling, they educate you about the benefits of surgery, share success stories, and make you establish realistic goals. These sessions aim to help you fully comprehend the surgical process and its post-impact. 

Moreover, pre-surgery counseling addresses stress management, coping strategies, and emotional eating patterns. It helps to set the tone for a healthier daily diet post-surgery.

Nonetheless, counselors develop personalized plans for your mental and emotional well-being during obesity surgery in Ahmedabad. 

All this helps you adapt smoothly to physical and lifestyle changes and overcome body appearance, negative feelings, and emotional barriers. It positively impacts post-bariatric surgery success and your lifestyle changes. 

Nonetheless, counselors inspire your post-surgery by inculcating social adjustments, adjusting to dietary changes, and accepting the significance of sustained lifestyle changes.

Some counselors address emotional concerns about patients’ physical and mental health during and post-surgery. 

For instance, NObesity counselors not only motivate patients to make themselves mentally prepared for surgery but also their loved ones so they can support patients for surgery success.

Understanding the Importance of Psychologists in Pre and Post-Bariatric Surgery Care

Like Counselors, Psychologists play a predominant role in pre and post-bariatric surgery care. Their primary work is to address the complex interplay between your mental health and weight management. 

Psychologists conduct comprehensive assessments in the pre-bariatric surgery phase to identify and comprehend the fundamental psychological factors influencing your obesity. 

It enables psychologists to tackle challenges that may hinder your bariatric surgery success. These intricacies include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to effectively deal with your low self-esteem and implement stress management techniques and strategies to make you mentally fit for surgery.

Moreover, psychologists support you post-bariatric surgery to adjust to a new lifestyle, build positive self-perception, and successfully steer through emotional challenges and body appearance changes. 

Nonetheless, having a psychologist involved in your entire bariatric surgery journey helps you strengthen your mental health and make you confident, contributing to the overall efficacy and sustainability of bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad. 

Reasons for Considering Dietitian Guidance in Pre and Post-Bariatric Surgery Care

Last but not the least. Many patients overlook hiring a dietitian post-bariatric surgery, while some keep two dietitians, and some weight loss centers, such as NObesity, offer six dietitians for their well-being and control emotional eating. 

Like psychologists, who significantly contribute to your holistic welfare by understanding and addressing your psychological factors, dietitians are integral for surgery success. 

They comprehend your dietary preferences and habits, guilty pleasure food and drinks, late-night cravings, and instant gratification sweets and fried foods to formulate a well-balanced nutritious dietary plan to optimize surgical outcomes. 

They personalize and update dietary preferences periodically to facilitate quick recovery, ensuring you meet your dietary requirements. 

In the pre-surgery phase, they perform nutritional assessments, educating you on food and calorie intake and meal timing to prepare your body for surgery. 

In post-surgery, dietitians develop plans to help you with nutritional deficiencies for long-term weight loss surgery maintenance and sustained success. 

Some weight loss centers like NObesity offer a personalized approach wherein their dietitians identify your unique nutritional needs and tailor plans accordingly to match your lifestyle, preferences, and medical contributions for your well-being.


After reading the blog, you will have understood the counsellors’ role in assisting patients, psychologists’ importance, and dietitians’ guidance for the overall success and effectiveness of bariatric surgery

It is paramount to have all 3 of them in your weight loss surgery journey for holistic care. They will ensure your emotional well-being, nutritional needs, and mental health are ideal for obesity operation. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Also, if you are exploring options for bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad, look no one beyond NObesity.

We have a friendly, professional, and proficient team of counselors, psychologists, and dietitians to guide you and your family on all aspects and provide solutions to match your preferences, lifestyle, and requirements. 

Our dietitian stays connected with you post-surgery to ensure you enjoy a nutrient-rich diet and live a happier and healthier life. It helps patients mentally adapt to new life by embracing the transformative journey. 

Take the first step of your weight loss journey by contacting us at +91-8999949999, +91-9925558543, or info@nobesity.in for a consultation and to attain a transparent physical change.

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