100 gms Apple (Sabe), 75 gms Guavas (Amrood), 70 gms Grapes

(Angoor) 1 Sweet lime (Mosambi) / Orange, 50 gms Cottage

Cheese (Paneer) (made from skimmed milk), 1 small bunch Mint

Leaves (Pudina Leaves), 1 tblsp Lime or Lemon Juice (Nimbu)

Salt and Pepper To Taste


Clean and wash all the fruits and mint leaves.Cut fruits in small cubes.

Grind the mint leaves with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Cut paneer into small pieces and apply mint paste on it. Keep aside.

Mix the fruits and paneer together.

Serve chilled.

Nutritive value (per serving):

Protein3.7gm, Fat 3.4gm, Cho 17gm, Energy 110 Kcal

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