Everyone has been there. That craving late night. For something sweet, something fried.
Almost always the craving is for something that you are not supposed to eat!
Lets get real. Late night craving is common. It hits most of us.
However, what separates the smart from the rest is how we deal with it.
First of all lets understand why this mid night craving for food happens.

It may be due to many reasons. Some of them are:

– Boredom
– Lack of protein in your diet
– You don’t drink enough water during the day. So dehydration presents itself as craving for food.
– Low salt or sugar levels due to strict diet plan
– Accelerated metabolism causing excessive hunger
What ever may be the reason, if you choose right snack in moderate amount, it may not add to your weight.

Its important to eat lower than 200 calories. Anything more will be a meal. Not a snack.

Secondly, don’t make this into a daily habit. You never know when you will cross lines and start
treating this opportunity as one more meal time!

There are many healthy options for Late night snacking. We at Nobesity are pleased to present these five healthy options to satiate your nocturnal cravings.

  1. Hot Chocolate:

We bet this one’s everyone’s favorite late-night drink! And a healthy one too if you didn’t add much sugar to it. Instead of sugar you could add one or two tea-spoons of honey for taste. Hot milk and Cocoa will soothe your senses and usher in sound sleep. But have this drink an hour before sleep.

  1. Popcorn:

Did we just hear you sit up and say Hmm? Yes, popcorn without butter is healthy. A small fat-free pack of popcorn can be less than 100 calroies. Read what is mentioned your pack and enjoy a guilt-free portion if craving is too much to handle.

  1. Banana:

A medium sized banana can immediately fill you up without causing weight gain. Bananas contain magnesium and potassium that can relax your muscles and help sound sleep.
You can have your Banana just as it is or prepare a small portion of Banana milkshake by adding a cup of low fat milk and honey for taste with your Banana cut in small pieces and revving up all three in your mixie.

  1. Whole Wheat Bread

A slice of whole wheat bread can be filling as well as easy to digest without adding too many calories.
You could also make a sandwich with vegetables or one boiled egg stuffed in between the bread slice.
Egg or vegetables will supply you with proteins and minerals to add to your good health.
Just make sure that you don’t eat more than one sandwich or a slice of bread.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Did you just love this suggestion? We are sure you just did!

A few cubes (Not More) dark chocolates with 70% or more cocoa will deliver 3 benefits straight off the bat:

  1. It will lower your blood pressure
  2. It will satisfy your craving for chocolates or sweets
  3. It will soothe you into a good night’s sleep
    Along with these five suggestions, its also important to know what to avoid.
    First of all, avoid big portions at any cost. Even the healthy food when consumed in large quantities will be poison to you.
    Second, avoid greasy, sugary, aerated and spicy food. All of them stimulate your senses and make it difficult to sleep.
    Third, avoid red meat even if its a small portion. Red meat makes your stomach bulge and may disrupt with digestive process.

Hope you found our suggestions useful. Want to learn more? Call us at +91 89999 49999 or set up a consultation with our Dietitian.