Health and Fitness is the most prominent aspect of our lives. There is nothing more crucial than a healthy and fit body and mind.
NObesity goes forward with a holistic approach towards the mental and physical well being of their patients.
It was one of the highest attendants’ support group ever with more than 200 patients actively participating.
It was a surprise for NObesity to know that the patients who were attending the support group had absolutely no complications post-surgery. THIS IS AN ACHIEVEMENT.
NObesity strongly believes that the support group is the strongest medium to approach your patients to teach them about their new life and how to handle their emotions towards health and physical activity.
In the legacy of speakers NObesity invited Ms. Kajal Oza Vaidya, a prominent motivational speaker/actress/screenwriter/author to speak about her experiences towards fitness and mental challenges, she faced to achieve the same.
She spoke well as always and the audience was thrilled by two-way interaction with her.
Lesson learned,
In most of the patients remain healthy due to robust follow up done by NObesity and organizing regular support group as like hitting the Bull’s eye for their complete fitness.
We want to send a message to all our patients, please do attend Support Groups as they give you a complete insight of your health issues related to your transformed “NEW YOU”. It is more to do with your own psychology rather than any surgery. Wait for our 40th Support group announcement and hope you all attend it in large numbers to make your life more healthy, more happy, more Fit and more enlightened.

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NObesity is one of India's critically acclaimed Bariatric Surgery Center. We have performed 8000+ successful Bariatric Surgeries and have 40 National and International Awards to our credit. Nearly 650 obese patients choose us to undergo obesity treatment and overcome related health concerns and metabolic disorders every year. We have a state-of-the-art operation theater with advanced equipment to ensure highly effective treatment. Our team includes a bariatric surgeon, counselors, psychologists, dietitians, and endocrinologists.
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