61st Support Group – Thanks for the Full House Presence

61st Support Group – Thanks for the Full House Presence

Dr Khaitan interacted with all the patients on “Mistakes to avoid after Bariatric Surgery”. What a knowledgeable session, it was! Through this support group meeting everyone got immense knowledge about how to deal with day-to-day problems and insights on learning from our own mistakes during post bariatric journey.

Support group is always key to connect with team and find your buddy who can motivate and help you in sustaining with the healthy lifestyle. Number of participants are increasing day by day and 61st Support group meeting was at it’s optimum strength, which gave clear message of increasing awareness about support group among patients.

Dr Khaitan will continue the same topic on our next support group meeting on 25th December 2022, and expecting more and more active participation.

Get…. Set…. Go…… Call your dietitian and book your seat for 62nd Support Group on 25 December 2022.

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