50th Support Group Meeting

50th Support Group Meeting

It’s have been a historic day for NOBESITY. 50th support group meets. It may be just a number for some but for us it reflects, persistence and perseverance. We are continually working towards winning hearts and working betterment of our patients.

It’s team NOBESITY which has made a lot of people realize that what wonders teamwork can create.

We ensure that patients are given the best of the knowledge about the procedure and follow up then through their life without any extra cost. My heart pains when I see misguided advertisements suggesting weight loss procedures. What anybody is going to gain through this. Money? This is the last thing in our minds. Obesity is a chronic disease that can always be taken care of by a long follow-up. Patients have to also understand the same. Post-surgery, it’s their role and our support which brings success. We wish that whosoever we treat- we should positively touch their lives. Your blessings always propel us to be better with each passing day. Wish to see you again each month and every month.

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