Exploring The Criteria For Redo Bariatric Surgery: All You Need To Know

Exploring The Criteria For Redo Bariatric Surgery: All You Need To Know


Are you considering a second chance at a healthier lifestyle? Redo bariatric surgery might be a topic of interest to you. Now, you might be thinking—not again, because you did not enjoy sustained weight loss from previous fat loss surgery. 

We can understand it might be frustrating for you, but there are many reasons behind the significant increase in weight. It can be because of no changes in dietary preferences post-surgery, eating junk and oily food in bulk quantities, and not doing physical exercises (workout, running, brisk walking, and cycling). 

But you can give it another shot by getting obesity treatment from an illustrious and trustworthy weight loss clinic in Ahmedabad, like NObesity. Remember, the decision to redo surgery is a renewed commitment to lifelong health and not repeat the same mistakes and complications from the previous operation. 

However, it is paramount to understand the criteria, reasons, and importance of redoing weight loss surgery. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss all the essential information that you need to know about undergoing treatment again. So, let’s get started and enrich you with the knowledge to take the next step confidently.

Importance Of Undergoing Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Let us first explain the importance of undergoing bariatric weight loss surgery. It is a brave and wiser step towards a healthier lifestyle. It is a transformative journey that offers a new life to all obese individuals suffering from excessive weight and obesity-related health conditions. 

Bariatric surgery is crucial as it helps overcome type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, sleeping disorders, and other illnesses. This surgery came into India in 2002, and the heart of NObesity – Dr. Manish Khaitan, the best bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad, started performing obesity operations in 2005. 

In his 18 years of bariatric weight loss surgery experience, he has seen individuals living a healthier and fitter lifestyle that they have always dreamt of post-operation. In contrast, he has seen some patients who cannot maintain their new physique and lifestyle post-surgery. 

Even after losing between 40 and 70 kg, individuals gain 50-60 kg. Redoing bariatric surgery is the gateway and a second opportunity for these patients to live a healthier lifestyle.

Moreover, this surgery is vital because it can improve outcomes by enhancing physical health and psychological well-being. Also, obesity operations increase patients’ self-esteem, confidence, social respect, and motivation. 

Nonetheless, fat loss surgery is critical in increasing life expectancy and mobility, lowering mortality risk, improving mental health, and improving overall quality of life.

Reasons For Opting For Redo Bariatric Surgery

Medical and personal factors drive the reasons to undergo an obesity operation. Some common reasons include significant weight gain after the first surgery, a stomach pouch that was shortened during surgery, getting enlarged due to excessive eating, or reverting to old meal consumption habits. 

Another reason is not doing regular exercise in any form, be it walking, cycling, running/jogging, or working out in the gym. 

It is a myth among some patients that they can eat their favorite foods post-operation and don’t have to invest effort in physical exercises. It can gradually lead to weight gain if you sit or lie down (sleeping) after meal consumption and ignore exercise.

Furthermore, in very rare scenarios, technical issues with the original surgery can occur, like an improperly formed stomach pouch or a slipper gastric band. These instances are one in thousands and require a corrective procedure from a skilled bariatric surgeon. 

Also, patients may experience severe side effects or complications from previous surgery, such as nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, and chronic acid reflux that can lead to increased weight. 

In the above circumstances, it is wiser to redo bariatric surgery as it provides a golden opportunity to reset the mistakes and enhance operation effectiveness. Hence, consider this treatment a second chance to improve your health and live a fitter life. 

Understanding The Criteria For Redo Bariatric Surgery

In the last section, we will discuss the criteria for redoing bariatric weight loss surgery. We will explain through NObesity example to ensure you understand eligibility correctly.

We have a proper psychological department where our psychologists conduct a thorough psychological assessment of all patients. This helps our bariatric surgeons design the surgery according to the patient’s psychological condition and assessment. 

It is crucial in redoing surgeries to understand where the patient’s psychology is going wrong after obesity treatment. We need to know the factors and mindset resulting in significant weight gain after a couple of years of surgery. 

It can be due to several aspects, such as no control over meal quantity, regularly eating junk food, not exercising, consuming pills that cause weight gain, or any other reason. 

We also determine whether the weight gain from previous surgery was due to a technical issue that caused complications. Our bariatric surgeons consider the technical feasibility of determining whether the operation can be safely performed by weighing the risk of complications against the potential benefits. 

As a reliable weight loss center in Ahmedabad, we maintain 100% transparency with all our patients to ensure a safe operation and discuss the risks involved. We prepare our patients mentally and psychologically to ensure they don’t lose out on benefits due to common complications that can be overcome through proper medications.

Furthermore, once we have identified the root cause behind weight gain, we formulate a strategic approach to ensure the reduced weight after the redo of fat loss surgery will stay for the long term. 

All the aspects mentioned above must be considered while planning a redo bariatric surgery to ensure the newly attained weight loss is sustained for decades and gives you the desired ROI. 

Apart from that, ensure the chosen weight loss clinic offers a comprehensive team, including endocrinologists and specialist doctors, to provide correct guidance on overcoming obesity-associated health concerns that you have. 

At NObesity, we have a complete team, so patients don’t have to switch clinics for consultation, treatment, and follow-ups. Selecting the right team and weight loss center is critical to a successful operation, as they will help you overcome mental and psychological challenges. 


We guess you have understood the importance of undergoing bariatric surgery and the reasons for opting for a redo obesity operation after reading the blog. Also, you will be familiar with the criteria and essential information to consider for redo weight loss operation. 

Remember, this decision to undergo treatment again has offered individuals excellent results compared to the initial surgery and given them a second chance to live a healthier lifestyle. 

As mentioned in the blog, careful consideration of the reasons and psychological assessment is essential to ensure that previous surgery mistakes aren’t repeated.

Furthermore, by choosing us for redo weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad, you will be in the safest and most professional hands, which will prepare you mentally and psychologically for the operation. 

You will be surprised to know that at NObesity, we have performed the highest number of redo surgeries on patients who have undergone obesity treatment at other clinics. They visit us for operations and show trust in us, knowing that their weight loss achieved through us will last for decades. 

The reasons are obvious. Firstly, we perform psychological assessments to determine the primary cause of weight gain after surgery. 

Secondly, we offer free lifelong support. It includes dieticians giving meal plans and fine-tuning them over time to ensure patients get sufficient nutrients, eat nutritious meals, and enjoy their favorite food in moderation. They also ensure that patients exercise daily and gradually shift to workouts to maintain sustained weight loss and shred off extra kilos. 

Moreover, we have a professional team of psychologists to guide you with physiological and social changes post-surgery. We also ensure that patients show a commitment to long-term lifestyle changes by working on the psychological factors restricting them from performing regular exercise and not following healthy eating habits.

We hope this blog was worth your time and offered valuable insights and clarity on redoing fat loss surgery. If you have any questions or need additional clarification, you can consult our bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad. We are happy to help! 

A detailed discussion between you and our surgeon and counsellor about the expected outcomes and setting realistic goals will contribute to the surgery’s success.

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