Take care of yourself!
There are some things only you can do
You are a world within the world

We live in the world where we wake up to a new combination of technology, politics and environment every day. Everything is changed, for good or bad. People like us change it, constantly. As a society, we need to strike a perfect balance of so many factors. But as an individual, living with your own set of resources and troubles, you have to try hard to find some time for taking care of your own body.

Your body is not just a bunch of organs tied together, it’s a fine tuned system, and it has its own dos and don’ts. Beauty of a body is not the face but the amazing capability it carries. Your body has solution for every situation, that’s the reason you don’t feel sick every day. Your body adjusts the system accordingly and keeps you active all the time, and you don’t even notice it.

Imagine there are 700 Cr. people in this world, and 210 Cr. Of them are overweight, at the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and depression. This is nearly one-third of the world’s population. Simply put, people don’t know how to take good care of their body or worse, people are too lazy. And their troubles are going to grow even more with lack of awareness. As an individual, your choice is simple, either be healthy or be a bundle of trouble for yourself and people around you.

Sounds like Grandma’s Health Tips but these are the small things in life which matters the most when it comes to the health.
– Check your height and weight regularly, keep a track record of your BMI & medications
– Sleep well, let your body recover and rejuvenate itself away from daily stress
– Stay happy and motivated, emotional wellness reflects in your health in the long term
– Eat healthy and responsibly, relish but respect food and don’t overeat
– Get rid of bad smoking and drinking habits, accept the challenge and prove yourself
– Go out, be adventurous, it’s the attitude which would constantly inspire to be healthy
– Endorse nature, incorporate nature in everyday life as much as possible
– And if you feel there is a problem, don’t ignore it, get it checked and cured

Only you can inspire yourself because you know yourself and you love yourself more than anybody else in this world.

Taking care of your body is one of the most fulfilling experiences, enjoy it. Soon the society would start to notice your resolutions and healthy habits, you can inspire many others around you. It is not a matter of proving anything to others, it is about proving to yourself. Only you can do that.