It’s pandemic, 13% world is obese. No longer being bulky is the sign of a happy & healthy lifestyle. Today a teenage student, a midlife manager, and an old housewife, all are at equal risk of getting overweight and then regretting it. Almost 600 million adults and 40 million children around the world suffer from Obesity and severe complications related to it.

Technically, obesity is having a BMI – Body Mass Index of more than 30. But it can only be considered as a rough estimate because its implication on health and fitness varies from individual to individual. Based on income, food intake, physical activity, genes, endocrine disorders, medications, or mental illness; the onslaught of obesity varies. But a higher BMI definitely attracts a series of non-communicable diseases, especially in children.

Childhood obesity is spreading across the world with the rise of bigger cities. Kids over-eat and abstain from exercise, not realizing the outcome. The future only reveals cardiovascular diseases, breathing difficulties, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and stroke, not to mention bearing the mental stress throughout the life.

Urban populace typically dwells in Obesogenic Environment with all the fast-food joints that only promote gaining weight. Today, people spend more time indoors and sitting around screens. Children play games on smartphone and eat greasy food. We live with technology where we do shopping on phone, it’s no longer necessary to go to market; we don’t even have to walk a few steps to switch on the appliances. People earn money, only to spend them later to cure the disease which they unknowingly catch while getting money.

It’s always better to prevent rather than starting to look for a treatment when the disease has already crossed critical limits. Management of obesity requires a 360-degree approach for comprehensive changes in lifestyle including diet, exercise, self-monitoring & awareness, and stimulus control while treatment of obesity includes long-term medications, weight loss regimen, bariatric surgery and treatments for comorbidities.

Preventing the weight from increasing further is rather simple in an initial stage. Dietary restrictions and physical activity render effective results but if the situation has already reached the dangerous stage, it is always advisable to consult an expert and plan a holistic approach for weight loss. It takes immense passion and commitment from the patient. It also requires a change in the surroundings and support from the society.

Being overweight is your first sign; your preventive measures should start today, to keep the increasing weight in check. Approaching experts for insights on your physical condition is a must because it’s not just obesity, it is an assembled bundle of diseases you already have and the risk of diseases you might get. Your personal physician, a psychologist or psychiatrist, physical and exercise therapists, dietitians, and surgery specialists together can chalk out a customized strategy to fight obesity. And your willingness, passion, and courage only can transform you into an energetic, optimistic and happy individual. It’s only fighting and there’s no flight from obesity.

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