Why Consider Weight Loss Surgery with Hernias?

Why Consider Weight Loss Surgery with Hernias?

One of the most common problems found in India is obesity. Weight can have a positive and negative impact on our lives. Being underweight and overweight invites a lot of severe health issues. Obesity brings other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and joint problems. It is common among many people residing in Indian subcontinent.

A hernia is a common disease among obese people. It happens when an organ pushes through a muscle or other weak tissue. An abdominal hernia is common. It is a visible bulge that pains on doing regular activity. The bulge grows over time and reaches a stage where surgery is required to avoid further complications and repair weak tissues. One can find many reasons for the occurrence of Hernia, like smoking, persistent cough, lifting heavyweight, enlarged prostate, or irregular bowel movements.

One of the main reasons which worsen Hernia is obesity or overweight. The recurrence of hernia is common among obese people, so as a chance of failure of hernia surgery.

In most cases, Hernia is not a life-threatening disease, and it doesn’t require immediate attention. It takes months or even years to develop. They grow more prominent as the pressure on the weaker tissue increases.

Hernia surgery is the best way to treat the disease. There are two ways to it:

1) Open surgery

In this surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in the abdominal wall.

2) Laparoscopic Surgery

The surgeon makes a few small incisions in this surgery and inserts long thin tools through them, including a camera. The surgeon always uses special tools to repair the hernia with mesh.

In cases related to obese people, Doctors advise losing weight, which is easier said than done. There are a variety of weight loss programs available in the market. But mostly, the person who worked hard to lose 20-30 lbs ends up gaining it back once they make minor changes in their lifestyle.

In situations like these, doctors advise weight loss surgery or Bariatric surgery. It is a type of surgery that helps to reduce a significant amount of weight and relieve patients from diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. It also lowers the risk of heart disease, cancers, etc., and improves life quality.

The surgery is beneficial in many ways. For a person suffering from a hernia, it works like magic. Bariatric surgery helps to avoid the recurrence of abdominal hernia. It also makes it simple to perform surgery required to cure hernia as you can only treat abdominal hernia through surgery. Weight loss surgery is essential for hernias patients who cannot quickly lose weight through a regular diet.

Weight loss surgery or Bariatric surgery is effective for people who cannot lose weight or maintain weight with diet and exercise alone. Generally, people can expect to lose somewhere between 35%-70% of their total excess body weight in one year after bariatric surgery. There are several bariatric surgeries to help patients improve their lifestyles and get rid of many diseases. These surgeries reduce appetite and restrict the amount of food you can eat.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery develops a small stomach pouch and re-routes the small intestine. It arrests the amount of food intake and changes how your body absorbs calories from your foods. It contributes to hormonal changes which affect eating behavior.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery that often removes 70-80% of the stomach. It brings hormonal changes and affects eating patterns. Doctors suggest this surgery for patients suffering from the hernia, as it does not involve a disturbance in the intestine.

Who should opt for Bariatric surgery?

Doctors recommend bariatric surgery to patients whose BMI body mass index more than 35 kg/m2 and who suffer from severe illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and abdominal hernia or in patients with BMI more than 40 without other co-morbidity.

Bariatric surgery only requires you to live a conscious life, take care of vitamins and protein in your body and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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