Papa! Come and play!’ little Aarav calls out to Nilesh.

Not wanting to disappoint his son, Nilesh chases the ball for a few paces, but is unable to keep up. Completely out of breath in less than a few seconds, he gives up.

Six-year old Aarav wants his Papa to play football with him and Nilesh knows his son is not asking for much. To be stumbling so near the starting line, in a long race of parenting, is deeply disappointing.

Being severely Obese, Nilesh finds it difficult to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Also, his Doctor announced last month that Nilesh has developed Diabetes and high blood pressure due to obesity and will have to be on medications for life. Nilesh is worried about what future holds in store for him.

But Nilesh is not alone. Millions like him are making compromises – small and large daily, owing to Obesity and its co-morbidities.

In 2016, about 10 million Indian men and 20 million Indian women were estimated to suffer from Obesity.1

WHO estimates that 2.1 Billion, i.e. one third of world population, is now obese. Chronic complications of weight kill about 3.4 million adults annually as it is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, diabetes, arthritis and certain cancers.

These numbers are of pandemic proportions like a plague sweeping through the globe and India.

Obesity is not a cosmetic issue. It is a cause of major health problems like diabetes, infertility, heart ailments, blood pressure, arthritis and a host of other conditions including cancer. These conditions can be severely debilitating and sometimes life-threatening. Even moderate weight reduction can greatly reduce the risk of such ailments.

Although moderate weight reduction is possible with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, most patients are unable to sustain weight loss over long periods of time. Lost weight somehow bounces back with vengance.

This is where Bariatric surgery plays an important role.

Bariatric Surgery is a scientifically proven, tried and tested alternate method for weight loss and obesity. Also known as Metabolic Surgery, it is a procedure to induce safe weight loss amongst people who suffer from Obesity. Particularly amongst those for whom other weight loss measures have not worked.

The impact of bariatric surgery becomes apparent within the first few weeks of surgery.

The procedure is performed through laparoscopy i.e. through the key-hole method. This involves a single incision. As a result, there will be no major scars of surgery.

The success of a surgery and the patient’s experience depends mostly on the experience, skill and expertise of the surgeon. It is therefore necessary that one approaches a top bariatric centre with vast experience in performing Bariatric and Laparoscopic surgery.

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