The world today has become extremely competitive and we are constantly striving to achieve a better lifestyle, earn more money and live lavishly. But in this mad race to achieve success we are ignoring to take care of our health, both mental and physical. The biggest problem that the United States are facing today is Obesity. People there are always on the run and consume foods which are unhealthy, and can lead to obesity.

Obesity causes are slowly increasing in India as well. As we have started adopting a western lifestyle, our food habits have also changed a lot. Earlier people in India used to believe in keeping their bodies fit by indulging in Yoga and Meditation regularly, but nowadays people have stopped doing that and are over exerting themselves at workplaces.

Obesity is not just a singular health issue as it leads to other preceding health problems like arthritis, back problem, low immunity, low energy, stamina, etc. Obesity also leads to a lot of mental problems like low esteem, lack of confidence, depression, extreme stress, etc. All these become very difficult to deal with because at a later stage because it is not just a physical war that one is waging but also a mental war.

Breast cancer is yet another increasing health menace growing in India. The numbers of cases of breast cancer in the US are increasing every year. Breast cancer doesn’t only happen due to family history, but also due to an unhealthy lifestyle with low precautionary measures taken.

Studies have been conducted which show obesity is somewhere associated with a modest increase in the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer. Women are prone to this because they never really undergo a Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT).

A woman can be diagnosed with breast cancer at any stage of life and its connection with obesity is established. The chances of breast cancer rise when a woman increases weight and becomes an obese. Epidemiologists are working very hard to establish the exact relationship between obesity and cancer. Weight gain during adult life, most often from about age 18 to between the ages of 50 and 60, has been consistently associated with risk of breast cancer after menopause.

An increased level of oestrogen among obese women is often considered to be the primary reason behind Postmenopausal breast cancer. It mainly happens after menopause, at this point of time the ovaries stop producing hormones and hence fat tissues become the most important source of oestrogen. Obese women have more fat tissues; which implies that the oestrogen levels are also higher. It ultimately leads to the rapid growth of oestrogen, i.e. responsive breast tumours.

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