Obesity is defined as abnormal or excess fat accumulation in the body. Nowadays obesity is a major risk factor for Type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular, sleep apnea, arthritis, Gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn, depression, infertility, fatty liver, and so on, being overweight can hamper ability to control or manage chronic disorders.

It is now expanding rapidly worldwide. Obesity leads to a number of health disorders. India is battling a full-blown crisis of obesity, one which is anticipated only to worsen in the years to come

Bariatric surgery is a proven medical procedure for effective and long-term weight loss, but there are many misconceptions surrounding bariatric surgery. This, if not addressed and cleared will only aggravate obesity crisis and hinder timely treatment

Many people have doubt if food can be consumed after surgery or not? Is Bariatric Surgery possible/suggested at elderly age? Is bariatric surgery very painful? Is bed rest required after Bariatric surgery? And many more

Here is an amazing story of Mrs. Nathiba, who shares her journey from crumbling effects of obesity to a healthy and fit life post-bariatric surgery and her experience with bariatric experts at Nobesity

Mrs. Nathiba says “In a week after surgery I lost 5-7 KGS of weight, and the swelling almost healed & BP was in normal limit

I was on liquid for some days but my stomach used to feel full, satisfied and didn’t feel hunger.

Right now, I am able to take walks, cook food and also help my family with routine work; I don’t have any complaints now.

Dr. Khaitan took so much care, all the doctors use to take 3-4 rounds a day. All my checkups used to be done timely, team was all the time ready to support me during the hospital stay and even after the discharge whenever I visited Hospital for follow-up with Dr. Manish Khaitan, he managed to meet.”

From my experience I can definitely say that:

Bariatric Surgery is neither scary nor painful
One will not even feel pain, no trouble in walk, there won’t be a single problem
No bed rest is required, person can easily walk within 2 days of surgery
Liquids are provided in such a way that we never feel weakness
I will suggest this operation to everyone who is suffering from obesity. Do not be afraid of anything.

Nobesity is one of the most experienced Bariatric Center of Excellence in India with more than 4000 successful Bariatric surgeries performed so far. Located, in KD hospital, Ahmedabad, Nobesity is well known for providing weight loss treatment, advanced patient care & pleasant hospital experience. Nobesity has state of the art operation theater with the latest equipment and highly qualified team led by Dr. Manish Khaitan, a prominent leader among bariatric & laparoscopic surgeons of India.