How to Choose A Bariatric Surgeon in India?

How to Choose A Bariatric Surgeon in India?

Congratulations on your decision of bariatric surgery and taking a step towards a healthy life! Now, the next step is to choose a bariatric surgeon in India. Bariatric Surgery is a team effort with involvement of a lot of specialists, so you can’t just select the surgeon based on a single criterion.

You should have clear and transparent discussion with the team for smooth follow-ups even after bariatric surgery which is an important aspect of long-term weight maintenance. If you haven’t thought of this important aspect as yet, don’t worry, we will help you in the decision. Continue to read further for more details.

These are the several aspects that you should think about while choosing a bariatric surgeon. 

1. References: 

When you start to looking for a bariatric surgeon, you should go through a referral list of bariatric surgeons from your family doctor or a known specialist. You should ask family, friends, and other healthcare professionals for recommendations.

You can also check various medical professional websites to research the doctors’ credentials and experience. When you narrow down your list, you can ask them for an appointment to meet the surgeon’s team.

2. Research the Bariatric Surgeon’s Credentials

It is essential to have board certified bariatric surgeon. The certificate tells you about the doctor’s training, skills, and experience. When you have information about these aspects, you may start to believe in the surgeon.

A board certification assures that the surgeon is well versed with all the aspects of bariatric surgery and is also competent to handle every possible outcome. You should also confirm that the surgeon doesn’t have a history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions.

3. Bariatric Surgeon’s experience

Bariatric surgery is a specialized medical procedure that requires significant experience and exposure to a good volume of bariatric surgery. It means the more experience a bariatric surgeon has, the more likely you get better results after the operation.

Doctors with more experience will have significant learning from their procedure, which helps you if you are highly obese. You should also check for particular doctors’ reviews on the medical review websites and various search engines like google reviews.

4. Research Hospital Quality

When you are shortlisting the bariatric surgeon, hospital quality is an essential aspect to consider. If the surgeon is the best, but the hospital doesn’t have sufficient facilities, treatment will not turn out great. If you want the best care, you should look for a hospital with 5-star performance in weight loss surgery and have low complications and complaints.

Hospital’s location is also an essential factor because you need to visit a Bariatric surgeon after a procedure frequently. If you can manage easy access to a hospital, you will be much easier to see a surgeon. Ideally, you should choose a surgeon who works at a hospital accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program and should be a Centre Of Excellence (COE).

5. Surgeon’s communication style

You should choose a weight loss surgeon with whom you feel comfortable talking and who supports your information needs. If the surgeon welcomes your questions and justifies the answer so that you can understand it quickly, this surgeon may help you effectively in your weight loss surgery. You should find a doctor who takes an interest in knowing you and consider your treatment preference.

6. Bariatric Surgery Team

One of the key factors behind the success of a bariatric surgery is your surgeon’s team. Your bariatric surgeon’s team should include at least one or more surgeons with a good experience of bariatric surgery, bariatric dietitians, bariatric psychologist, bariatric anaesthetist, physician, customer care and team of trained healthcare personnel with experience of handling obese patients.

A dedicated bariatric surgery team is essential so that you benefit from the collective experience of the team. The whole team’s focus should only be the betterment of bariatric surgery patients.

7. Patient Reviews

There are various websites available on which you can find the patient reviews. Many times, these patient reviews become gamechanger in selecting a bariatric surgeon. If the hospital has ultra-modern facilities and qualified doctors; however, the patient’s thoughts are negative, then there must be something wrong in such a scenario.

People provide reviews based on their hospital experience, including wait times, office environment, and office friendliness. From the review, you know that the surgeons and hospitals have provided a positive experience to the patients, reflecting how much doctors spend time with patients and how well their treatment works.


These are the seven aspects that one should consider before choosing a bariatric surgeon in India. Selecting the best team is of paramount importance because surgery is a major landmark in the life of a patient and safety and quality should never be compromised with.

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