Bariatric surgery is an advanced surgical procedure that aids in weight-loss by making changes to the digestive system. Bariatric surgery is a proven weight-loss procedure to help improve and resolve many obesity-related health disorders

Gastric bypass is the most common of these surgeries

Dr. Manish Khaitan is one of the stalwart Bariatric and Metabolic surgeons in India. He is the Director of Nobesity Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center at KD Hospital, Ahmedabad.

With more than 15 years of experience in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and 20 + years of experience in other Gastro and Minimal Invasive Surgeries, Dr. Manish Khaitan is the best bariatric surgeon in India.

He along with his team has successfully performed more than 4000 Bariatric procedures which is one of the highest Bariatric experiences in India.
Dr. Khaitan is one of the first surgeons to initiate the Bariatric Surgery Program in India after being conferred with a Bariatric Fellowship in the USA under Dr. Kelvin Higa, one of the world authorities in Bariatric Surgery.

Free of Cost Lifelong Follow up the opportunity for any bariatric patient either operated by him or any other surgeon is a hallmark of his Bariatric Program. Dr. Khaitan and the team facilitate probably the largest Support Group in India for Bariatric Patients.

Dr. Khaitan has been recognized as the Best Bariatric Surgeon of Gujarat and Best Bariatric Surgeon by IPSA Healthcare and Praxis Media respectively.

He also runs the Bariatric and Metabolic Fellowship Program to train young surgeons.

He has more than 20 national and international publications and presentations in bariatric and metabolic surgery to his credit, along with noteworthy contributions for a scope of improvement in this field.

His area of research primarily involves diabetes in obesity patients.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery:

Bariatric Surgery has a multitude of advantages in long-term remission of diseases

Relief from depression
Improved cardiovascular health
Long-term remission of type 2 diabetes
Relief from Joint pains
Obstructive sleep apnea
Enhance fertility
Lessen other medical conditions
Nobesity is one of the most experienced Bariatric Center of Excellence in India with more than 4000 successful Bariatric surgeries performed so far. Located in KD hospital, Ahmedabad, Nobesity is well known for providing weight loss treatment, advanced patient care & pleasant hospital experience.

Nobesity has state of the art operation theater with the latest equipment and highly qualified team led by Dr. Manish Khaitan, a prominent leader among bariatric & laparoscopic surgeons of India.