Manish Khaitan

Why choose us?

Why Choose Us

At Team Nobesity the focus is on the whole package – successful treatment, pleasant experience and lifelong support. Our five core values or Nobesity's High Fives are structured around this endeavour and have contributed to our standing amongst the top Bariatric Centers in India.

Nobesity’s High Fives:

  1. Vast Experience

    After completing his Bariatric Fellowship in the USA, Dr. Khaitan was amongst the first in India to initiate the Bariatric Surgery Program. His qualification is backed by 15+ years of experience in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and 20 + years of experience in Laparoscopic Surgeries

    The 3000+ obese patients that we have treated so far have had success in long term weight loss and rid themselves of co-morbidities such as Diabetes, Blood pressure and host of other diseases. Today, Nobesity treats more than 200 patients every year, a number that has been steadily going up.

  2. Worldclass Team:

    Successful Bariatric surgery is a team effort. Besides the Surgeon, a team which consists of a Bariatric Counselor, Dietitian, Physician and Anesthetist play crucial roles in your weight-loss journey.

    The Doctors on our team are highly experienced in their individual specialties and have been working together as a team for a number of years. The seamless coordination amongst them helps ensure that the focus is on the patient’s comfort and the Bariatric experience is smooth and pleasant.

  3. Personalized Care

    Dr Manish Khaitan himself performs all the Bariatric surgeries at Nobesity. No compromise on the quality of surgical skills offered to every patient who walks in through our doors.

    The food, exercise and fitness plan for before and after the surgery is customized as per the requirements and personal goals of each patient.

  4. Life Long Free of Cost Support

    We facilitate one of the largest after-surgery Support Group in India. Our monthly support group meetings held on every last Sunday of the month are free of charge and may be availed life long by our patients. These meetings are also open to patients operated by other surgeons.

    A team stays in touch with the patient for post-operative support. The patient is informed of the agenda of each meeting ahead of time so that the visit may be planned accordingly.

  5. Columbia Asia Experience:

    Nobesity’s world-class Bariatric expertise comes together with Columbia Asia Hospital’s world-class facilities in a unique partnership to ensure a top-notch treatment experience. Our modern infrastructure, advanced OT equipment, well-trained staff, well-appointed rooms, elegant interiors and support facilities are designed to provide a positive experience from admission to discharge and beyond.

    Team Nobesity with our High Fives believes in walking the extra mile with you lifelong.

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