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  • Survival of the Fittest: A kid who fought and defeated obesity

    Survival of the Fittest: A kid who fought and defeated obesity

    Kids, who grow up in cities, travel in cars and eat on their own sitting in front of a screen, actually live the life like a king. Today’s kids have smartphones, bigger pocket money and freedom to spend it. Childhood is a tumultuous time, the mind and body grows faster and curiosity is at its all-time peak. Any child, with access to internet can understand and comprehend Obesity and its dangers. The question… ‘Is it too late?’

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  • Your Body is a Temple, what do you think?

    Your Body is a Temple, what do you think?

    We live in the world where we wake up to a new combination of technology, politics and environment every day. Everything is changed, for good or bad. People like us change it, constantly. As a society, we need to strike a perfect balance of so many factors. But as an individual, living with your own set of resources and troubles, you have to try hard to find some time for taking care of your own body.

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  • Fight Obesity – A battle between You and Obesity

    Fight Obesity – A battle between You and Obesity

    It’s pandemic, 13% world is obese. No longer being bulky is the sign of a happy & healthy lifestyle. Today a teenage student, a midlife manager, and an old housewife, all are at equal risk of getting overweight and then regretting it. Almost 600 million adults and 40 million children around the world suffer from Obesity and severe complications related to it.

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    The world today has become extremely competitive and we are constantly striving to achieve a better lifestyle, earn more money and live lavishly. But in this mad race to achieve success we are ignoring to take care of our health, both mental and physical. The biggest problem that the United States are facing today is Obesity. People there are always on the run and consume foods which are unhealthy, and can lead to obesity.

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  • 5 Health Myths vs Facts

    5 Health Myths vs Facts

    It is a fact that we as human beings like to be fit and healthy but the competitive world that we live in does not allow us to take care of ourselves. We are constantly on the run to earn a livelihood and improve our lifestyles. Unfortunately in this race of “improving lifestyle,internet” we forget to improve our own lives.

    Due to the outburst of social media and the internet over the last 5 years, there has been a significant shift, as far as awareness among people is concerned. But there is a flipside to it, with an abundant number of articles being posted online daily, there is actually a dearth of evidence as to which one is the authentic or proven one. When it comes to health, one should be extremely cautious about what a fact is and what a myth is.

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