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  • Fruit Fun

    Fruit Fun

    Ingredients: 100 gms Apple (Sabe), 75 gms Guavas (Amrood), 70 gms Grapes (Angoor) 1 Sweet lime (Mosambi) / Orange, 50 gms Cottage...

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  • Immunity: Your Silent Warrior

    Immunity: Your Silent Warrior

    Is Obesity Compromising Your Defences?

    A mosquito bites eight-year old Ria in the middle of the night. Her body immediately shifts gears into red alert mode and rushes to fight the allergen that her sensitive system has detected as a threat. The next morning Ria awakes bright and chirpy, rested to begin the new day. Her body’s defences have worked very hard through the night, even as she peacefully slept.

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  • Obesity, the new Plague

    Obesity, the new Plague

    Obesity: the new Plague ‘Papa! Come and play!’ little Aarav calls out to Nilesh. Not wanting to disappoint his son, Nilesh chases the ball for a few paces, but is unable to keep up. Completely out of breath in less than a few seconds, he gives up.

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  • How to celebrate a Healthier Holi this year?

    How to celebrate a Healthier Holi this year?

    Holi is round the corner, and the best way to avoid weight gain during festivals is to eat healthy. Here, we share with you some recipes that will help you do just that, after all Holi is the time to unwind, de-stress and bond over celebrations!

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  • Essentials for a Healthy diet for Women

    Essentials for a Healthy diet for Women

    With busy lives trying to balance the demands of family & work – it is difficult for any woman or girl to maintain a healthy diet. But eating a balanced & healthy diet is most important to support mood, boost energy level, ease symptoms of menopause, to reduce symptoms of PMS and to keep bones strong.

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